>here is a little introduction in our programs<
>hier ist eine kleine Einfuehrung in unserer Programme<

Matamba Center

The first step and the second step.
„…Living now on the hill of the MATAMBA SITIO, inside a lonely patch of semi-arid Atlantic Rain Forest, two hours away from, and challenging the megacity of Sao Paulo,

-how did I manage this?  I am still... doing Yoga, working hard
, dreaming of other worlds and this world, dreaming about myself, and others, and who I really am, and who we really are

…discovering the known and the unknown in heaven and earth, - in fleeting days full of sun and joy, in the fury and power of unrelenting monsoon rains, in scorching hot, sticky unbearable days, in moonlit silver nights filled with the soft smiles of a waiting goddess, in scents of flushing mango and neem trees, listening to the soft whisper of a gentle breeze, or to the humming of the bees in fresh early mornings, or to the laughter of happy people , while being touched by tears of sadness, or filled with the bliss of the gods…
tat-tvam-asi, sat-chit-ananda… -

All of this was and is a privilege, and I am deeply grateful for it.

Yet, now, from my present point of view, is all of this but a fleeting glance of past memories of a life  over and done with ?

Not at all.


Because I know that it is eternal reality, and also in 2012, and it is waiting for everybody who really wants it, and maybe all of us are really close to the so long and eagerly aspired and awaited for next step in our development, - individually and collectively, inwardly and outwardly…
at the places destined and designed for all of us, at the city of the dawn of each one of us, - waiting to be realized….

My second step, only for me, at a certain point of time, exactly on the 17th of November 2011,  came as unexpected as the unexpected itself, the shift, the second step with my second leg, while the first one is being forever firmly grounded, where it belongs to.

And because of it, I am aware of,  making the second step possible:


We called it: MATAMBA NECTAR

Mind you:

We have Avatar and Yoga, we have bees, and we have apitherapy. There are mango and neem trees, there are thirteen hectars of land, rich with pure healing water, there are ten hectar of semi-decidous rain forest, we have the second best climate of the world, with red liquem covered trees, there is jungle life, and there will be fields of lavender, and of all possible medicinal herbs, and bee plants, we have honey, pollen, royal jelly and propolis, - and there is, of course,  a healing and therapy center, with a yoga hall. We also have a guesthouse with a  swimming pool, -  there will be an apiary, and there will be a restaurant.


And there is you, and there is us!