>here is a little introduction in our programs<
   >hier ist eine kleine Einfuehrung in unserer Programme<

   Development proposals





Setting up of:

A space for conducting Yoga and Avatar courses.

A center for research into and development of a plantation for plants, shrubs and trees of the area that serve as a significant source of supplies for honey bees, and have at the same time medicinal qualities (both for africanised and stingless bees), as a leading pilot project.

The cultivation of these trees, shrubs and plants will be arranged  according to their qualities for the supply of  honey, pollen, propolis, their medicinal properties, and flowering time.

Of an apiary

Of a sales outlet for local people and visitors ( Nature’s shop)

Of a treatment center for and phytotherapy,  Ayurveda,  and Integral Yoga, all of which form important parts of the program.

Setting up a reception and accommodation center for people from all over the world who are interested in visiting us.

Igor Rosegger -  Germany, India, Brazil


Some additional data:

Name of the project: 

The semi-deciduous areas of the western parts of the previous Mata Atlantica*.

So far we have identified about 224 recognized trees, shrubs and plants, that are excellent sources for the supply of honey, pollen and propolis for honey bees, and possess at the same established healing qualities for humans.  For the presentation on this web site, we have selected 120 of them, all perennial. The list of all the plants is given below. Apart from this, we  discovered a number of other plants frequented by the bees, that so far seem not to have been listed scientifically anywhere. Many of the medicinal qualities of these plants (and of the honey, pollen and propolis collected from them!) are unknown and still have to be researched and clinically tested.

We chose for closer presentation 121 of these plants, all perennial, including their prictures and description of their medicinal propensities.

One can take it for granted - and it has been proven scientifically - that the inherent medicinal qualities of the plants are also contained in their nectar, pollen and resins. These are collected by the honey bees and processed into honey, pollen and propolis, - which possess   the same healing propensities  as the plants they originate from.

There are many different types of honey bees in this area.

Connected with the development of our plantation we will be conducting experiments in organic agriculture.

We will take up the production of bee products for Apitherapy and for food supply.

We will grow, process and sell  healing plants.