„Since ancient times, many techniques are known and practiced,
in order to help the opening up of our secret energy centers.
Here is one of them:

It will open our heart center.


Close your eyes, focus your attention on your heart center, pluck with the index fingers of your right and left hand your right and left ear, and release the sound >THE HUMMING OF THE BEES <…… , and feel…..




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Mata Atlantica

Significance of MATAMBA for the world and Mata Atlantica

In my short descriptions of the project Matamaba Nectar I would  like to highlight as much some of the aspects of the medical significance of the bee products in general and in which directions they can be used and developed,- but also at which critical point of development our civilization has come due to whatever reason, but mostly ignorance. The best living example for this unfortunate development is the destiny of the great Mata Atlantica, the Atlantic Rain forest, at the southeastern coast of Brazil.

Of course, bees and bee products depend ,- as we do,- directly on nature, are an integral intrinsic part of it. We, the humans, are with a major part of our personality a product of nature. So much so, that many people believe,  the earth, the totality of natuer and the human beings together are undergoing  some form of programmed development, and that this development has got a purpose. These people even believe that this purpose and all its processes  take place due to some sort or form of a secret evolution, an evolution from the more gross to the more subtle, - untill the final union of the spiritual and matter will have been achieved. And not only this, but also: That we, the humans, are the carrier of this evolution, however unlikely this may appear at this point of time,- that nature has brought us forward for this unknown purpose only: To finally become the crown of this evolution. (Most certainly not as we are now, but hopefully as we at one point of time will become!!)

So nature is our mother, and we are her dear children, having been born in her womb for a secret purpose.
She is proud of us, supports us, and nourishes us and cares for us, loves us as a only a mother can love her children, and as she loves and cherishes us,  we have to love and cherish her, care for her,- and stop denying, fighting, poisening, neglecting , robbing, hurting, and abusing her. Moreover: In reality we are doing this to ourselves by doing this to Her.

As we can learn from the 25 mill years of history of the bees who are living in perfect balance with nature, love her and defend her, and learn from her, we have to learn to learn from our mother. Bees are at the same time a perfect tool to us for our health , physical and mental well being and understanding,- and a symbol of the right way of living for human beings. We on one hand benefit immensely from the foods and medicines of the bees,- and on the other hand, they teach us what we are to do, and what we are to be and what not.

So it does not surprise at all that one of the greatest of our us humans, Einstein, whose conribution has introduced the possible next step of our mental and with it physical development, once said, that should bees ever disappear from this beutiful planet, so would we, the humans.

Bees and humans need nature in balance, lush forests full of wild life, oceans full of fish, sea life without pollution, vaste fields of wild flowers and weeds, swaying in silver- lit full moon summernights full of aspirations and love, caressed by soft winds, - nature, all her creatures, including us,  need happiness , and health and the fulfilment of our dreams.  Humans and bees need healthy farming methods, without deadly poisons, we need the stop of our madness.

Humans and bees need joy, love and truth, and bliss,- sat-chid-ananda.

All of us do need undisturbed development and progress towards the light. We need the future.

We do not need the opposite, and destruction, do we?

Well, we do not. I do not, and I know many other humans who do not need sickness, death and destruction of life. And I do feel and I do know about countless other human beings who do not need this and want this.

All of us, at the contrary, would like to bring back balance to nature, stop polluting and soiling our mother. Instead, we would like to enjoy her and dancing with her under the unlimited skies of our gorgeous universe, exploring the unknown mysteries that are waiting for us!

All of us would like to bring back the dying forests of our world, to undo the dirtiying of our oceans and sweet magical waters. We are dreaming of breathing again the pure air of a happy earth, enjoying the thousands of perishing beings nature has given to us to look after and protect. We would  love to bring back at least part of all of this wonders of the Divine bliss and dreams, wherever we are.

At this moment of time, so far as I am concnerned, I happend to be in Brazil, at Sao Paulo state, in the hilly areas of the already more or less perished Mata Atlantica, and yes, I am dreaming of bringing back at least a tiny bit and part of it.

Hence tree planting programs, aforestation, organic farming, Yoga and development of human consciousness.

Hence MATAMBA, to be set up wherever it is possible!

Igor Rosegger

The example of
Near Mococa, in the state of São Paulo, Brazil.

“Of all the liquids water is best” states an ancient Sanskrit verse. Water is the source of life on this planet, a symbol of energy, the first outside element we encounter at the beginning of life. Moreover, our bodies are made largely of water and without it we cannot survive. Water is not only crucial to physical life; down the ages humans have honored water as a divine substance, magic in its ability to purify the spirit.

All beings thirst for water, as they thirst for spirit. Without the one or the other humankind will cease to exist. Pure, clean water supports the physical and spiritual existence of all nature - plants, animals, insects, and humans. Pure, clean water is a must , even in paradise.

The Fazenda of the Holy Antoine of the Clean Water is a place that certainly seems to be a kind of paradise. There are happy trees that help each other, plants who are friends, magic birds who celebrate one of the last oases of freedom, love and balance, cows who help control weed growth, ants who make coffee plants grow better and yield more harvest, bees that enjoy nectar without suffering and death. And in the midst of the few patches of lost Mata Atlantica jungle on this fazenda and on the neighbouring, there are even some wolves and the almost extinct Ounca, the panther.

Of course, we must not forget the people here, whose inner joy shines through in the perpetual smiles on their lips and in their eyes. For the last ten years they have farmed without pesticides, weedicides, or chemical fertilizers - ways of life that lead nowhere. After years of misguided and failed attempts by earlier farmers, this generation of owners has seen a veritable re-birth of the holy farm of Saint Antony of the Clean Water.

“It took my family about two hundred years to perceive the right way“, the owner of the farm says passionately, “two hundred years of monoculture, of misunderstanding of nature and its powers, two hundred years of abuse of nature. Until with me and my family finally the end, but also the re-birth happened. So we are at the same time sad, but also proud and happy to be able to give at least this little contribution.”

“And nature now will do the work”, he says, smiling secretively. “I interfere as little as possible.  Nature does everything and better than I can do. It took me a lifetime to understand and accept this. I changed this conventional coffee farm of 440 hectares into an island of peace, harmony and sound, healthy development. And I still grow coffee, but in a new way, and my new plants are better, healthier and have a much longer life, and my inputs are much smaller.  I try to create balance, and stop the exploitation and our old wrong-doings with nature - and nature cooperates. Nature helps me. I understand now: We have to stop working against nature. So now I am happy, my family is happy, all plants and trees and beings on my farm are happy. I know that my dreams will soon be fulfilled. And if I can communicate this to people who are interested and who will understand, I will be the happiest man on earth. You say you want to experiment with bees and plants for bees on my farm? Welcome!  Respect the balance of nature, and I promise you, you and your bees and your plants will get clear, clean water with no pesticides or other chemicals. You will get balance, outwardly and inwardly, and the pure honey and other healing bee products will be special, and people will want to have them badly. This is my contribution, and the least we can do for and owe to the remnants of the great Mata Atlantica in our area, to ourselves and our children, to this wonderful earth and to this universe and God.”

We have promised Joan to do what we can, to support his dreams, as they are ours as well: For the bees, for the plants, for ourselves, for humanity, and for future generations.

We cannot wait to start with our new experiments, with MATAMBA NECTAR and working with bees and plants, but also working with ourselves, so that all of us may better understand that we still can create our own paradise, if we really want to, if we pray, and if we trust ourselves and just do it.

And we will.


Poem and favourite quotes.

(My own favourite poem):

„Dao Yin, the center of the worlds, knowledge of thousands of years:

What the wings are for birds, is breathing for us,
 the humans with body,
the mysterious links in the chains of suspicious evolution.

Breath be life and consciousness, so we perceive,
breath be joy and energy, breath be existence,
breath be Atman, be Veda and Krishna and the smile of the Buddha,
So’ham and aham sa, the cosmis swan: Hamsa.

I am this and that, I am life and the secret of the word,
the darkness of night amd the light of the dreams.
I am the dew of the flowers and the salt of the tears,
the nectar of the universe, the weeping of the rocks,
the source of the winds and the growth of the trees.

I am the weight of the days, the trembling of the moon,
I am the joy and the suffering of man,
I am dust and matter, the seed of hope and aspiration,
I am the cosmos, the knowledge,the breath of existence,
I am all,  this and that,-

and ain´t.

Some quotations:
„If mankind only caught a glimpse of what infinite enjoyments, what perfect forces, what luminous reaches of spontaneous knowledge, what wide calms of our being lie waiting for us in the tracts which our animal evolution has not yet conquered, they would leave all and never rest till they had gained these treasures. But the way is narrow, the doors are hard to force, and fear, distrust and scepticism are there, sentinels of Nature, to forbid the turning away of our feet from her ordinary pastures.“  (Sri Aurobindo)

„You are far greater, far more radiant than any idea you have of yourself.“ (Harry Palmer)

„For the awakening of kundalini, not only the practices of yoga are required. If this awakening is to become a universal avent, then the entire social structure has to be reorganized and millions of people all over the world have to be told the purpose of their existence. The whole of life from the time of conception to the moment when you leave the body, each and everything has to be reoriented…

In the tantric texts, kundalini  ( our secret energy) is conceived of as the primal power. In terms of modern psychology, it can be called the unconscious in man…“ ( Swami Sathyananda Saraswati )