About the facilitator

Igor Rosegger

Matamba Nectar Sitio
Bairro Campos dos Aleixos/ Jarinu,
CEP 12940-000, Municipio de ATIBAIA, estado do SP;
Office: Rua Professor Luis Rosa 74, bairro Botafogo CEP 13020-260

Expert in Yoga, Avatar® training, naturopathy, bee keeping, apitherapy and land development.

My name is Igor Rosegger, licensed naturpath and consultant in Yoga and Avatar® courses, apitherapy, bee keeping and Ayur Veda.

I am involved in these activities since many years. Thus my goals always have been to develop myself and the world around me, connecting people, developments, methods and processes, connecting the inside and the outside, - Spirit and matter,- according to my innermost feelings.

I was living in India for many years, where I was learning  what I am offering now.

I was, and I am working as Yoga teacher, naturopath , Avatar master and consultant in apitherapy and beekeeping, but also for alternative energies , land development and methods of irrigation.

I am offering my services in close cooperation and partnership with different international organisations, like the Avatar network, or the Apitherapy network. We are working mostly in Brazil, at our Matamba Nectar sitio, but also in Germany, India, and the United States.

We are extending our activities also to different parts of Brazil, and internationally.

Our goals are to help improving our life and that of others, to speed up our inner and outer development in general, and to preserve nature as the base from where one essential part of ourselves originates. We believe we can realize sped-up development  of our mind and body, and to promote increased inner and outer growth, health, well-being and personal happiness.

We are looking forward
towards  sharing.

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Present contact address: Igor Rosegger, Wöhlerstr.17, 38116 Braunschweig/Germany

e-mail: matambanectar@aol.com      Phone: 0049-531-2906283;      
Phone Brasil:  +55-1142170057


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